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Latinos Canceling College Plans More Often?

Orlando, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire)—Latino students were once the fastest growing group of college undergraduates, but recent statistics show enrollment since the pandemic is down among this group. Now a new study provides suggestions for bolstering college admissions.

The COVID pandemic has affected education in so many ways and some high school grads have considered a change of plans.

The pandemic trend of forgoing college is affecting Latinos at a higher rate. In fact, amid the pandemic, Latino students are twice as likely to forego college plans than whites and Blacks. Some Latino communities faced disproportionate risks from COVID-19 and income loss due to the nationwide shutdowns, which may be playing a role in their post-high school plans.

Education scientists interviewed Latino students, parents, and school counselors. The studies revealed that collaboration between parents, counselors, and students is crucial and that recruiters need to provide resources such as mentors to support them through the enrollment process. And not to forget to engage parents as key supports.

Studies have found that when school counselors invite parents into the discussion about college, the college application process improves. And when students receive support from multiple sources, their personal empowerment increases.

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Resource: https://eric.ed.gov/?q=R305A140699&id=EJ1161655

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