A Project of the Child Trends News Service Supported by the National Science Foundation


The Child Trends News Service (CTNS) project consists of: 1) news reports produced by Positive Parenting, a syndicated newsfeed for commercial news media; 2) research projects with TV news audiences and parents; and 3) an interdisciplinary collaborative of advisory panel members, partners, and experts. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation and the Institute of Education Sciences.

The Positive Parenting Newsfeed is a partnership between:

Child Trends Hispanic Institute

The Child Trends Hispanic Institute provides timely research-based information and guidance to improve outcomes for Latino children. The Institute develops and conducts evaluations of programs aimed at Latinos and works to increase available data and provide information about Hispanic children and youth. The Institute leads the scientific editorial process for Positive Parenting, identifying new research, vetting the scientific content of all news reports, and coordinating with researchers.

Ivanhoe Broadcast News

Ivanhoe is the largest news-gathering organization in the country, covering medical breakthroughs, family health, and issues important to women. The company’s syndicated reports reach approximately 70 markets and 35 million U.S. households daily. Ivanhoe Broadcast News leads the production of Positive Parenting reports and distributes the reports to local TV news stations around the country.

The Child Trends News Service project works in collaboration with:

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors has facilitated the piloting of the Positive Parenting news reports in their 10-session parenting classes with Latino parents. The results of this pilot study will lead to the integration of the news reports into their curriculum. The Abriendo Puertas curriculum is used in more than 39 states serving Latino parents throughout the country.

Group i&i Consultancy

Group i&i Consultancy evaluates the implementation of all aspects of the CTNS project: 1) Positive Parenting, 2) research components, and 3) partnerships with community-based programs to repurpose the growing portfolio of news reports in direct service to families. Group i&i monitors the overall project progress toward its anticipated outcomes.

The University of Florida

The University of Florida Survey Research Center (UFSRC) conducts surveys with parents participating in CTNS research. It is also responsible for programming surveys, sending videos to participating parents, and submitting data to Child Trends for analysis.

The Child Trends News Service project is funded by:

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds the Child Trends News Service project. NSF’s Advancing Informal STEM Learning program funds innovative research, approaches, and resources for use in a variety of settings. The CTNS project is housed within NSF’s Innovations and Development project.

The Institute of Education Sciences

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) funds the Child Trends News Service project. IES is the non-partisan statistics, research, and evaluation arm of the U.S. Department of Education. They seek to provide scientific evidence on which to ground education practice and policy and to share this information in formats that are useful and accessible to educators, parents, policymakers, researchers, and the public.

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