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About Us

The Child Trends News Service project consists of: 1) news reports produced by Positive Parenting Newsfeed, a syndicated newsfeed for commercial news media; 2) research projects with TV news audiences and parents; and 3) an interdisciplinary collaborative of advisory panel members, partners, and experts. Positive Parenting Newsfeed is a partnership between the Child Trends Hispanic Institute and Ivanhoe Broadcast News, a leading TV syndicated news company.

This project aims to broaden access to actionable child development research among parents and caregivers, with a focus on reaching Latino parents and those less likely to have access to this information through alternative sources.

Why child development and education research?

The future depends on today’s children, yet many face challenges that can impact their growth, development, and education—especially children of color and those living in low-income families. In today’s complex world, parents and teachers face important decisions that can either help or hinder children’s ability to thrive. Social science researchers have identified an array of evidence-based strategies for parents and teachers associated with positive child outcomes. Positive Parenting informs the public about these research-based practices.

Why focus on Latino parents and children?

As Latinos represent an increasingly larger share of the future work force, the nation needs to maintain a focus on their positive development.

  • It is estimated that Latino children will comprise one-third of the total child population by 2050, similar in proportion to non-Latino white children.
  • Latino children are also the largest and fastest-growing minority group of children; yet, they are disproportionately poor and lag their peers on a range of indicators.1
  • Despite some recent economic gains, 10.3 million Latino children are growing up poor, signaling a critical need to focus on building equity in access to crucial information for low-income Latino families, as well as low-income parents more broadly.1

What is the Child Trends News Service project?

Expanding Latino Parents’ Access to Child Development Research through the News Media

Positive Parenting Newsfeed

Local TV is still the primary source of information for most people. Positive Parenting reaches millions of parents throughout the country with eight monthly news reports in both English and Spanish. TV stations in more than 50 percent of the nation’s TV markets subscribe and air Positive Parenting news reports. The reports feature findings from rigorous research publications and highlight research-based recommendations for parents. Videos range from less than a minute long to 90-seconds in length.

Positive Parenting Videos


The Child Trends News Service project is conducting audience research to identify how to best communicate child development research to parents. One study piloted the use of the news reports in the largest parenting program for Latino parents in the country—Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors. Another study examines how parents interact with the content they access through their local TV news to inform their knowledge, attitudes, and parenting behaviors through a large random-assignment experimental study with local TV news audiences from diverse racial/ethnic groups.

View Research

Collaborations and Expert Advisory Panel

The Child Trends News Service project collaborates with Abriendo Puertas, the largest Latino parenting program in the United States, to expand the use of the news reports among community-based organizations. The CTNS project also works in collaboration with Group i&i Consultancy and the University of Florida. View Our Partners. In addition to these key collaborations and partnerships, CTNS has an advisory panel of experts in child development, children and technology, dual language learners, communications science, practitioners, and news professionals.

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About the Project

This video highlights the research conducted during the pilot year of the Child Trends News Service project. It explores what we have learned regarding best practices for communicating and engaging with Latino parents through short messages on research-informed parenting practices.

Contact us if you have questions, comments, or story ideas.



  1. Murphey, D., Guzman, L., & Torres, A. (2014). America’s Hispanic Children: Gaining Ground, Looking Forward. Bethesda, MD: Child Trends Hispanic Institute. Retrieved from: https://www.childtrends.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/2014-38AmericaHispanicChildren.pdf
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