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Children and Climate Change

Climate change impacts children’s development, including their physical and mental health, well-being, and education. Children are more vulnerable to climate and environmental shocks compared to adults. From the anxiety sparked by witnessing natural disasters to the distress caused by uncertain futures, the psychological effects on children can be profound. They grapple with fear, sadness, and a sense of powerlessness. Parents, in turn, find themselves navigating uncharted territory as they strive to support their children through these emotional challenges. Yet, many parents lack the necessary resources and guidance to address their children’s concerns effectively.

The Climate-Resilient Parenting campaign of the Positive Parenting Newsfeed creates short videos that provide parents with accessible information, support networks, and tools to discuss climate change with their children. By equipping parents with resources, we can nurture resilience and help mitigate the psychological impacts of climate change on children and empower future generations to become advocates for environmental stewardship.

Child Trends works in partnership with two leading Latino community organizations, Hispanic Access Foundation and Abriendo Puertas to advance equity in access to science-based parenting—raising the voices of Latino parents through participatory research to inform the development of a culturally responsive Roadmap/Camino for parenting children who can thrive, adopt sustainable lifestyles, and contribute to climate crisis mitigation.

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