Positive Parenting Newsfeed—a Child Trends Project—is Supported by the National Science Foundation

Our Partners

The Climate Resilient Parenting campaign of the Positive Parenting Newsfeed works in partnership and collaboration with groundbreaking and impactful organizations working towards uplifting youth and their families. The project is currently funded by the National Science Foundation and has been previously supported by the Institute of Education Sciences.

This project consists of four components:

  1. Development of a science-based Roadmap for climate-resilient parenting and El Camino with a focus on Latino families;
  2. Creation and dissemination of social media and TV news reports in both English and Spanish for all parents in partnership with Televisa Foundation, Ivanhoe Broadcast News, and Inner Space Center; and
  3. Creation and dissemination of community grassroots content for Latino parents in partnership with Abriedno Puertas and Hispanic Access Foundation.
  4. Audience research to inform content for media production and community-based programs and an impact study.

Positive Parenting Newsfeed—the official Child Trends newsfeed—is very proud to partner with an interdisciplinary collaborative of media partners, community partners, climate education partners, and external evaluators. Positive Parenting also works closely with thought leaders who provide guidance and expertise.

Media Partners

Ivanhoe Broadcast News is the largest news-gathering organization in the country, covering medical breakthroughs, family health, and issues important to women. The company’s syndicated reports reach approximately 70 markets and 35 million U.S. households daily. Ivanhoe Broadcast News leads the production of Positive Parenting new reports and distributes the reports to local TV news stations around the country.

Televisa Foundation is the education nonprofit arm of the media giant Televisa, a leading U.S. Spanish-language TV network serving U.S. Latino communities. Their programs are geared towards youth of all ages. In partnership with the project, Televisa produces science-based parenting videos on climate change topics for social media platforms and to inform local TV news reports.

Community Partners

Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors (AP/OD) has facilitated the piloting of the Positive Parenting news reports in their 10-session parenting classes with Latino parents. The results of this pilot study will lead to the integration of the news reports into their curriculum. The Abriendo Puertas curriculum is used in more than 40 states serving Latino parents with children 0-5 throughout the country.

Hispanic Access Foundation connects Latinos and others with partners and opportunities to improve lives and create an equitable society. One day, every Latino in America will enjoy good physical health and a healthy natural environment, a high-quality education, economic success and civic engagement in their community with the sum of improving the future of America.

Climate Education Partner

Inner Space Center is comprised of engineers, ocean scientists, education professionals, and video producers. Their team works with cutting-edge technology to facilitate, capture, produce, and promote underwater exploration in real time. In partnership with the project, the Inner Space Center informs communication, climate science, education, and child development communities of new knowledge in informal STEM learning and the availability of tested, STEM learning products.

External Evaluators

Group i&i Consultancy evaluates the implementation of all aspects of the CTNS project: the Positive Parenting newsfeed, research components, and partnerships with community-based programs to repurpose the growing portfolio of news reports in direct service to families. Group i&i monitors the overall project progress toward its anticipated outcomes.

Thought Leadership

The Advisory Panel provides expertise in child development, children and technology, dual language learners, education, STEM learning/communication science, and climate change research. The panel also includes a news professional, philanthropy partners, and practitioners who provide services to families and children.


The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds the Child Trends’ Positive Parenting Newsfeed project. NSF’s Advancing Informal STEM Learning program funds innovative research, approaches, and resources for use in a variety of settings. Climate Resilient Parenting Campaign of the Positive Parenting Newsfeed project is housed within NSF’s Innovations and Development project.

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